Looking for a healthy summer drink but can't part ways with tea? Say hello to Ready-to-Drink Organic Darjeeling Iced Tea!

Looking for a healthy summer drink but can't part ways with tea? Say hello to Ready-to-Drink Organic Darjeeling Iced Tea!

Anytime is chai time!! Is what you’ll hear every tea lover say. Be it any season of the year, most of us Indians are dysfunctional without our morning cup of tea. But especially for hot summers, we have a much better idea. Why not try a glass of chilled Ready-to-Drink Iced Tea? Believe us when we say it is a better and a healthier way to quench your thirst. As opposed to the chemical based cold drinks, you get the satisfaction of sipping on your favorite drink in a healthier form. And what better than the Darjeeling Tea, lovingly called “Champagne of Teas” by the tea enthusiasts of the world.

Known for its signature flavors and aroma, Darjeeling tea holds a special place in the hearts of tea connoisseurs. Plucked from the breathtaking tea gardens on the foothills of Himalayas, Darjeeling tea has a rich century old history and is a symbol of quality and refinement in the tea world.

Chilling with Some Iced Tea!

Iced Tea has humble origins when people looked for tea substitutes for hot seasons without letting go of their love for tea. Usually prepared by brewing hot tea and then cooling it down with ice, it is quite a game of skill and accuracy to get a consistent flavor. There is always a chance of either diluting the flavors or getting a concentrated taste that may be pungent and lose its authentic self. Ready-to-drink iced tea is a perfect option to treat yourself to an authentic and consistent taste every time.

Goodricke offers you their finest Organic Darjeeling Tea experience in convenient Iced Tea Bottles of a variety of flavors. Looking back to the legacy of Goodricke, this one's must try drink with its original smooth taste due to number of reasons:

  • The tea leaves are carefully selected and brewed to perfection, capturing the delicate flavors of Darjeeling tea.

  • Originally made with Organic Darjeeling Tea leaves with natural flavors.

  • Contains no preservatives, artificial colors, chemicals or concentrates.

  • Made in high quality filtered water to preserve the delicate taste of the Darjeeling tea.

  • Sweetened with organic sugar to maintain its organic composition

Why the Ready-to-drink Organic Darjeeling Iced Tea you ask?

  • Most convenient way when on the go. Just grab the cool drink and you are good to go.

  • Comes with numerous health benefits of Darjeeling tea but with a twist of deliciousness.

  • Experience the original muscatel flavor and aroma of Darjeeling tea with hints of floral notes.

  • Infused with a range of lip smacking flavors. Choose one to uplift your mood.

  • Brewed from organic tea leaves makes it a healthy and sustainable choice.

Flavors that resonate with your mood!

Ready-to-Drink Organic Darjeeling Iced Tea is available in a variety of flavors to suit different taste palates. Whether you need an energy boost, mood lift or just need to relax, there is something for everyone.

  • Classic Peach - All time favorite with sweet and fruity notes.

  • Strawberry - Fresh flavors of berries with a slight tang.

  • Lemon and Novamint - For those who prefer a zesty twist with a refreshing minty flavor.

  • Zesty Lemon - Tangy taste for instant zing.

On a Healthy Note!

Beyond its exceptional taste, Organic Darjeeling tea has many health benefits.

  • Rich with antioxidants, it helps in fighting free radicals and promoting overall well-being.

  • Aid in weight loss by boosting metabolism.

  • Enhance the immune system.

  • Provide an instant energy boost.

  • Lowers the level of stress hormone cortisol making you feel good.


Ready-to-Drink Organic Darjeeling Iced Tea has our heart, given the flavors and aroma of Darjeeling Tea along with the healthy addons. It sure is the best way to experience the essence of Darjeeling tea in the most convenient and refreshing form. With its exquisite flavors, health benefits, and versatility, it has become a sought-after beverage for tea enthusiasts around the world. What’s more, apart from enjoying it on its own, you can pair it to make refreshing cocktails and mocktails. So, explore the amazing world of Ready-to-Drink Darjeeling Iced Tea, with the flavors that will make you close your eyes with gratification.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can Ready-to-Drink Darjeeling tea be consumed hot or cold?

  • It is best enjoyed when chilled without adding any milk.

Q. Can ready-to-drink organic Darjeeling iced tea be brewed at home?

  • Ready-to-Drink Iced Tea is already prepared tea concoction with right flavors and sweeteners.

Q. Why Goodricke iced tea is the best iced tea available in market?

    • It is made from organic tea leaves, processed organically
    • It is packed in Glass bottles to keep it fresh and tasty for longer
    • This is preservatives free, and hence it is packed in glass bottles.