Can green tea help lower blood sugar?

Can green tea help lower blood sugar?

From fighting acne to reducing fat, from reducing inflammation to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, green tea has numerous benefits. Green tea is one of the healthiest and most popular beverages. We all know green tea does wonders for our bodies. But some studies suggest that green tea is beneficial for diabetic patients. Does green tea help in reducing blood sugar levels?
Let us find out in this blog!

How does green tea help in reducing diabetes?

Green tea is taken with no added sugar , moreover some studies suggests that a compound found in green tea may reduce the spike in blood sugar that occurs after eating starchy foods. Moreover, it also prevents Type 2 diabetes. So here is how the relationship between green tea and low blood sugar level works: 

Green tea and weight loss

We all are aware that green tea does wonders when it comes to weight management. But it does not just give you a sleeky waist, but it also increases your metabolic rate. Green tea neither has calories nor high sugar. When your body cuts down fat, it can also reduce your insulin resistance and hence, regulate the blood sugar of the body. It reduces the hunger pangs and suppresses the urge and cravings to have food.

Green tea has polyphenols in it, these are antioxidants that help in reducing stress. Diabetic patients have a high chance of heart disease. But these polyphenols prevent heart attacks and strokes and also reduce the chance of other heart diseases in people with high sugar levels.
Also, green tea does not have much caffeine in it. Therefore, even if you drink three to four cups of green tea, it will not affect your blood pressure.

Green tea is also efficient in dealing with carbohydrates. There is a substance called catechins which is present in green tea. It helps in controlling the absorption of carbohydrates in the body. This process eventually reduces the effects of insulin in your body. This is a big factor in keeping blood sugar in check. 

A good digestive system is vital for a sugar patient. When you have a good digestive system, it helps in stabilizing the level of blood sugar in your body. The presence of antioxidants in green tea also boosts the metabolism which leads to a good digestive system. It is effective in boosting the overall immune system.

Green tea reduces the adrenaline hormone. This hormone boosts the sugar level in the body. Green tea controls that which lowers the spiking up of blood sugar levels in your body. It also helps us to be calmer and stress-free.

How much green tea should I consume for diabetes?

When it comes to diabetes patients, they cannot eat and drink anything and everything. They need to moderate their diets. They must consume things without sugar and low on carbohydrates, even if the amount of consumption is moderated. But green tea has some amazing benefits for them.

For best results, one must drink around two to three cups of green tea per day. But it may vary from person to person, hence it would be best if you asked your healthcare expert about it. Green tea does not have sugar and calories but it does have a little caffeine. Therefore, you must not drink more than 4 cups of green tea per day.
It will be best if you take green tea without any sugar or added sweeteners. You can squeeze in a few drops of lemon to get rid of that bitter taste.

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