The Name Behind The Brand - Goodricke Tea

Goodricke - All You Need To Know About The Name Behind The Brand

Very few brands have managed to make a mark like Goodricke in the minds of tea and beverage lovers across the globe. With its immense global reach and phenomenal quality, Goodricke has become synonymous with a cup of freshness.

A rich heritage in providing only the finest cup of tea, Goodricke has catapulted to a household name across every corner in India. With exquisite varieties, wholesome taste and delectable flavours, the brand has cemented its authority as the leading tea brand to captivate the senses of tea connoisseurs.

Humble beginnings

Goodricke started cultivating tea 130 years back and is now the second-largest tea producer in India. Goodricke is owned by the Camellia Plc, a U.K Group Company that has over 60 tea factories worldwide and has Subsidiaries in 10 different countries.

As part of the largest private tea producer in the world, Goodricke group owns and manages 28 tea Gardens, and 28 tea processing plants all over Darjeeling, Assam and Dooars (foothills of The Himalayas) in India. Taken together, these tea plants produce a remarkable 27 million kilograms of tea and sell it across India and in the international market.

The key to Goodricke’s sustained level of success is its single-minded focus on quality. Its fully integrated tea factories conform to quality management expectations and have been awarded several international accolades.

Right from garden-fresh tea packs to tea wares and gifting options, Goodricke has ensured innovative ways to improve the reach of tea to every nook and corner of the nation. It has also set up mobile teapots – centers that offer an exhilarating experience to the tea lovers. This has ensured that Goodricke’s brand image remains firmly etched on the minds of its consumers.

Not here just for business

It's not just the business end in which Goodricke excels. Its commitment to social causes and employee welfare to remains unmatched. It strongly believes in sustainable farming and has equipped its plantations to be mindful of nature’s limited resources. The Rainforest Alliance Certification is one such step in the right direction to promote sustainable farming on its plantations.

Be it workers’ welfare, housing for the employees, or their children’s education, Goodricke has always worked towards improving the quality of lives of the staff working at the plantations. It has built almost 24,000 houses and set up 31 healthcare clinics and hospitals to provide basic facilities to its employees. Goodricke is also involved in the operation of 72 schools that take care of almost 8500 students. Right from the construction of proper roads to effective drainage systems, their social responsibility ensures a 360-degree outlook on the welfare of the workers.

Given its immense footprint in the international tea market, it is no surprise that some of the world’s best Darjeeling teas are made under the Goodricke brand label.

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